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Friendly Photographer

I'm passionate about photography, and I'd like to think that's pretty clear to anyone who's seen me at work! It's one thing being able to work with a complex camera, but working with people is a whole other kettle of fish. So that's become my speciality really; putting everyone at ease is my top priority.

I get on great with kids too; Grace (8) and Ben (7) say I'm the best uncle in the world. High praise indeed.

Simple pricing

You pay for my time and skill, that's it. I don't offer a Deluxe Platinum Package where you get your photos on a diamond-encrusted USB stick in a hand-carved zebrawood presentation case. I mean, do you really need that stuff?

If you'd like something a bit special then I'd be happy to help, but you'll never end up paying for unwanted, bundled extras.

Fast Turnaround

I can deliver a fully-edited gallery within 24 hours of the wedding. How's that for fast? In most cases you'll have your photos within a few days of the wedding, though I always try and do a 'sneak preview' album within 24 hours.

I can use my camera system's WiFi to edit some quick ones during the wedding, so you've got something to share immediately.

Use How You Like

This isn't the days of analog film, there's no 'negatives' to print from. So why should the photographer hold your pictures to ransom?

You can take your digital files and use them to order your own prints, artwork, anything you like from anywhere you like.

Every Photo Is Yours

I always give you as many pictures as possible in your final album. The decision to decide what's an important memory - and what isn't - is too important to leave with the photographer!

So I hand-edit every single photo I think is usable and then it's up to you what you do with them.

A bit about me

Hi. I’m Kyle, and I guess I’m not a typical wedding photographer. I’m passionate about photography and do a lot more than just weddings…and I don’t like a lot of the traditional ‘unwritten rules’ of the wedding industry.


It seems like many suppliers exist simply to squeeze as much money as possible out of happy couples in love. Have you seen how many different wedding ‘awards’ there are? It’s a multi-million-pound industry trying to convince you that your special day won’t be truly meaningful unless you spend, spend, spend. 

That doesn’t mean I’m some anti-consumer hippy who thinks everyone should just get married in shorts and sandals, of course. I’ve covered everything from huge, beautifully-planned events to tiny 4-person registry office ceremonies and they’ve all been lovely in different ways.

But going the extra mile for a picturesque location can make a world of difference, and splashing out on tasty food is never a sin (bonus points if there’s some set aside for your photographer!). Arriving in a nice wedding car adds a real sense of weight to your journey, and the right suits, flowers, decorations etc can make for timeless photos. But ‘compromise’ isn’t a dirty word – you’ve got to find a balance between what you want and what’s practical for you, your guests, and perhaps your wallet!

You won’t find me on any ’50 Best Wedding Photographers’ list, nor will you see me at wedding fairs with a fancy stall and a polo shirt with my logo on it. What I will do is cover the story of your wedding day honestly, without being intrusive or taking or any more of your precious time than you want to spend on the photos.

It sounds corny but it’s all about about capturing as many good memories as possible, in a beautiful and timeless way…not making the front page of some fancy wedding magazine. 

If you want to set aside a bit of time for getting a really dramatic, artistic shot then sure, I love getting technical. I do a lot of fashion photography so I always love setting up stuff like that! But I find most couples would rather get some nice simple, honest formal photos and then get back to enjoying their day. 

In my spare time I’m a musician and a bit of an amateur historian. I also volunteer as a tour guide and digger at the Williamson Tunnels and am involved in various geeky heritage projects!

PS: I've also got a Facebook page!

Actual reviews from real humans!

Taken from my Facebook reviews, and only SLIGHTLY cherrypicked.


Married Jay on 3rd August 2018

I chose Kyle as the photographer for our wedding due to the good reviews I read, I was not disappointed! Kyle captured our special day perfectly, better than I ever could have imagined!!

He managed to make everyone feel comfortable in big group photos and we didn’t even realise he was there when we said our vows. He’s simply amazing, we can’t thank you enough Kyle!!



Married Daryl on 7th June 2018

Cannot recommend Kyle more! Absolutely amazing! Communication before my wedding was great, listened to everything I wanted. Organised all my guests for me. Got great action shots, which I love, as well as the traditional poses. Relaxed and calming nature. My photos are more than I could wish for!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



Married Peter on 14th April 2018

We got married recently and Kyle was absolutely amazing! He was so accomodating to us and our needs and was such a happy pleasant guy to have around on our special day. He made everyone feel totally comfortable and at ease, to the point we forgot he was even there as our photographer.

The amount of people who commented on what a lovely guy he was, was unreal. Everyone loved him, even the kids.

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